Artificial Intelligence applied to Business

Constantly thrown around in media and in sales pitches, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often perceived as a meaningless buzzword. As a consequence this discipline is still widely misunderstood, creating as much hope as concern.

While it’s often talked about in the context of some distant future where cyborgs will assist us in our daily lives, AI already brings interesting solutions to most business issues. That’s why the demystification of this field is a necessity; because only its company-wide adoption will allow it to create any tangible business value today.

This course will offer you a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence to discover all its capabilities, current limitations and future prospects.

Training plan

1 - General concepts

Definitions of Big Data, distributed computing, presentation of cluster nodes, AI vs. Robotics

2 - Machine Learning

Macro vision, supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning

3 - Web semantics


4 - Future prospects

Organization, data and algorithm governance, hardware (artificial synapses, quantum processors), algorithms (deep learning, quantum algorithms)


Product Marketing Manager
The Excel Occultist

Every dark problem shall find an answer in light of a magnificent spreadsheet.

FSI Global Account Manager

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Training goals
  • (Re)discovering Big Data underlying concepts (Big Data, Data Science, etc.)
  • Approaching how machine learning algorithms generally work
  • Discovering how these algorithms apply to concrete business issues like customer knowledge, anomaly detection or business process automation
  • Exploring the probable evolution of the domain in the coming years (organization and governance, innovative hardware, deep learning, quantum computing, etc.)
1 day
Needed skills
  • None
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