Hadoop 4 BI

The Hadoop open-source project is a Java framework aimed at facilitating data storage (HDFS) and processing (MapReduce) of huge data volumes. In Big Data, including in BI projects, Hadoop became a de facto solution allowing to work with petabytes of data by splitting files and distributing them on thousands of cluster nodes.


Data Architect
Data Architect
Data Architect
Data Architect

Training plan

1 – Hadoop environment

Saagie Data Fabric, Cluster, Capsules, other Big Data actors

2 – Data storage

Datalake, datamart

3 – Modeling

BI modeling, Big Data modeling, information flows

4 – Integration

Hue, Sqoop, HDFS tools, Talend, initiation to Kafka

5 – Processing

Impala, Hive, R, Talend, initiation to Spark & Python

6 – Visualization

Data visualization third-party solutions

7 – Operationalization

Scheduling, pipelines, Saagie API, promotion of jobs between environments, environment variables

8 – Optimizations

Impala, Sqoop split, Jobtracker, differential integration

9 – Security


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Training goals
  • Adapting BI concepts to a Big Data environment based on Hadoop and its ecosystem
2 days
Needed skills
  • Prior knowledge in SQL
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