Saagie for Ops

Saagie Data Fabric is a plug and play solution that seamlessly orchestrates the best-of-breed data technologies to automate your processes and deploy business applications at scale.

This training program aims at helping Ops teams master all the tools available for them on Saagie Data Fabric.

Training plan

1 – Saagie Data Fabric

User interface, jobs, extraction, processing, datalake services, datamart services, data pipelines, smart apps

2 – Operationalization

Promotion from a development / test environment to a production one, management of environment variables

3 – Architecture

HDFS, Mesos / Chronos / Marathon

4 – Interaction with Saagie Data Fabric

Plugins (Maven, sbt, Gradle, RStudio), presentation of the Data Fabric API

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Training goals
  • Discovering how to use key Saagie Data Fabric features for Ops like data pipelines, scheduling, versioning, rollbacks, job monitoring or data documentation.
1 day
Needed skills
  • None
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