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Bimodal IT, How to Balance Stability and Agility?

Over the past few years, the revolution in the digital world has led to and forced numerous reorganizations, including the

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Manage Machine Learning deployment in agile way

  Machine Learning deployment should be managed as a project When we think about Machine Learning deployment, we often think

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From Machine Learning use case to Operational Business pilot

This article offers suggestions that can help you take your Machine Learning POCs a step further and develop a real

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DataOps to industrialize Data projects

  Only half of all AI projects have been deployed in production. Why? Because it often takes longer than it

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DataOps: DevOps 2.0

  Is DataOps only DevOps applied to data or is it a new paradigm allowing you to accelerate Data &

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How to make Data Lab profiles work together

  You may have experienced how complex it can be to have all the people involved in the Data Lab

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Agile Data Science: the Way to Meet Business Success!

Applying methods from Agile software development to Data Science projects, is it only possible? This is a question we want to

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Avoid bad organizational patterns when deploying analytics programs

Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning… these words are on every lip – every day, tens of articles on these topics

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How to Bring DevOps Practices into Your Data Science Project ?

Still struggling to make your Big Data / AI project happen? Here is our last piece of advice on the

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Five practices to keep in mind when jumping into Data Science projects

Once you decide to develop Data Science projects, you will break new ground, and you will need to get it