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Who is the Chief Data Officer?

Gilbert Ton, a lifelong experienced CDO, recently published “Chief Data Officer”. Today, he’s sharing with us his knowledge about Chief

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The differences between a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer

In data and business intelligence, data scientist and data engineer are both on the rise. But what are they doing?

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What are the Differences Between Data Scientist and Developer?

According to the latest trends, data science and software engineering skills are among the most in-demand on LinkedIn. However, data scientists sometimes have

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Who is the Machine Learning Engineer?

Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, predictive algorithms… Many of those are now commonly used in the business world. In order to

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Who is the Data Engineer, the Key Player in your Data Projects?

In the past years, issues related to data analysis and data exploitation – through BI and Machine Learning – have

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Who is the Data Miner?

The Data Miner’s job is a specialization of the Data scientist‘s job, which focuses on the data exploration part: which