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What is Open Data?

Open data refers to the practice of provision of public digital data. The data is accessible online and one can

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How to Take Your First Steps into Docker!

Docker or containerization is one of the most trending topics in both software development and Data Science right now. Understanding

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What is Quantum AI?

“AI” and “quantum”. Here you go, two buzzwords for the price of one! More seriously, although I am aware that

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Kubernetes, convergence and unlocking the Public Cloud potential

January tends to be a good time for European senior executives to get inspiration from innovative startups by visiting CES

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Put Open Source in your Data Projects

It has become impossible to talk about Data without mentioning open source. Just take a look at the different platforms

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What is Data Visualization? (Including 6 of the Best Tools)

This article will explain what is Data Visualization as well as a selection of 6 tools we trust in order

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How to Extract Data From a Document?

Truth is, we’re not good enough yet. All documents are not standardized and we lose such a great amount of

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What is a Smart City?

A year has passed since our first article about smart cities. Last year, 50% of the world’s population lived in

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What is Object Detection?

Recently, there has been a lot of improvements in the Artificial Intelligence sector thanks to Deep Learning and image Processing.

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Is Spark the best stream processing framework ?

Given the fast pace of innovation with constantly changing technologies, new frameworks and new methods are created on a regular