DataOps Digest #1

Website & Blog Articles

We’ll start this first digest with the DataOps Manifesto made by our friends at Datakitchen, which is a good recap to get started on DataOps. You can then continue reading this interesting summary, produced by the same folks.

An article from DZone about DevOps & Dataops:

Another good presentation of DataOps by Oracle/

A third one, written by an IT service company:

Books & Whitepapers

A book from Qubole on DataOps:

Again Datakitchen with the cookbook to go even deeper into DataOps:

Another whitepaper from Delphix (more focused on security):

Videos & Podcasts

2 interesting podcast episodes from our friends of Roaring Elephant with the CEO of Datakitchen:

See you soon for our next digest!

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