Make Data Governance easier with Hortonworks and Saagie

You can now manage your data governance on a Hortonworks cluster thanks to the Apache Atlas integration in Saagie Data Fabric !

Why Data Governance ?

The objective of Data Governance is to improve the supervision of your data collection and to spread the best data use practices across your organization. Data Governance optimizes your data usage efficiency while enhancing its compliance with a legal and ethical framework. This results in making data accessible to all employees.

Governance with Saagie Data Fabric

With Governance included in Saagie Data Fabric, you can identify, classify, pilot and control the data on your Data Lakewith total security and compliance. Also, its very simple user-centered interface offers the possibility to document your datasets with explicit tags.

Saagie Data Fabric: Governance on Hortonworks cluster with Apache Atlas

Atlas is designed to exchange metadata with other tools and processes within and outside of the Hadoop stack, thereby enabling platform-agnostic governance controls that effectively address compliance requirements. This system is generic, flexible and very powerful but user interface is not really accessible for all users.

Governance with Saagie Data Fabric on a Hortonworks cluster

The 1st integration of Saagie Governance and Apache Atlas in the Saagie Data Fabric allows you to govern your Hortonworks Data Lake. You can synchronize simple generic tags in bidirectional way and therefore enjoy better accessibility. Together get the best of both worlds !

What’s next ?

A deeper and more powerful integration to manage more complex tags and match Saagie Governance explicit tags.

What about data access rights ?

Hortonworks cluster uses Apache Ranger to configure data access rights based on Apache Atlas tags. Saagie Governance is soon going to allow you to synchronize data access rights with Apache Ranger. This will also help you to easily keep or redefine your security policy.

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