Saagie 2.0 is out!


Today we are very excited to announce the Saagie 2.0 release!

Saagie 2.0 includes many key features that will improve the way you build and deploy your Data & Analytics projects. Our latest release enhances user experience with a brand new user interface, strengthens collaboration with projects management features, and increases control on your data projects, pipelines and jobs with monitoring features.

It improves security and governance thanks to group authorizations, features access management per users and datasets access rules.

And finally, it is now compatible with Kubernetes!

Analytics Projects

Users can easily create projects where they design end-to-end data pipelines to manage the full data lifecycle seamlessly (data ingestion, data exploration, data preparation, Machine Learning, etc.).

A data pipeline is a sequence of several jobs (processing). These pipelines orchestrate a large range of pre-integrated Big Data technologies (R, Python, Spark, Scala, Talend, Sqoop, Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks, etc.), which make them highly modular and accelerate the delivery of your Data & Analytics project.

All the technologies are constantly updated in Saagie, while ensuring backwards compatibility with former frameworks versions. This provides agility and reduces the risk of your IT investment.


Saagie gives you the ability to share projects / assets with different teams, making jobs and pipelines highly re-usable and reproducible. Also, it operationalizes data initiatives in a both easier and faster way.

Governance & Security

Our governance feature is now fully integrated through our new user interface.

As a reminder, our governance menu allows you to:

  • Create logical domains to organize and classify data
  • Enrich datasets (metadata qualification: source, quality, maturity, etc)
  • Identify personal data, users consent, and anonymize / pseudonymize them when required (for GDPR compliance)
  • Share data easily across the organization through APIs (GraphQL)


We have also introduced new capabilities to make Saagie highly customizable: users only have access to features they truly need while maintaining a proper level of control over platform access rights.

It is now possible to:

  • Create user groups and configure their authorizations accordingly:
  • Set up accesses by environment
  • Select which menus are displayed in the user interface (Manager, Projects, Governance)
  • Select which individual projects user groups have access to, and with which role (viewer, editor or manager)


  • Create Dataset Access rules to only grant user groups access to relevant datasets regarding their metadata


This will improve user experience while increasing security and control over data accesses, and ease the compliance with data regulations.

Kubernetes compatibility

Kubernetes is a Docker orchestration solution that has become a market reference. It has been widely adopted by cloud and on-premise service providers last year thanks to critical security, flexibility and automation capabilities.

Saagie is now compatible with Kubernetes, and it interfaces easily with K8s cloud services and corresponding distributions. This brings more modularity and scalability on Saagie’s deployment capabilities, allowing customers to mix different kinds of deployments (cloud, multicloud, on-prem, hybrid) while remaining close to their data.

We are very proud of this release and hope you are as excited as we are.  As always, we look forward to your feedback. If you’d like to learn more about these features, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo, we’ll be glad to show you around our product in full details.


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