Big Data Consultant, the Key to your Data

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Big Data Consultant, the Key to your Data

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The emergence of Big Data has induced companies to hire highly skilled people able to spotlight their strengths. Here, who companies are really looking for? A Big Data consultant! What does he do? Why has he got a key role in a modern business? Same as the Data Scientist and Data Analyst, the job of a Big Data consultant is to make sense out of your data.

Hiring a Big Data consultant, a tactical choice

The role of a Big Data consultant is to list your company’s issues and improve what can be, to give your Board clear and accurate conclusions. His large and complete overview of your company’s tools and architecture makes him a strategic help in the Board decision making process.

A Big Data consultant combined to an appropriate Big Data strategy will help your company to:

  • sales and storage forecasting
  • target segmentation
  • predictive maintenance actions scheduling
  • minimizing financial risks
  • etc

Regarding to the stakes of an accurate strategy, companies definitely need Big Data experts who have both great technical and business skills.

The Big Data consultant’s Duties

A Big Data consultant has multiple skills in numerous and complementary fields: from data collection to the implementation of an impactful strategy. He can:

  • audit your company’s Big Data tools and architecture
  • take technical performance tests
  • implement POC (Proof of Concept)
  • analyze these tools (operation, ongoing evolution…)
  • benchmark new solutions to improve your company’s BI and solutions implementation (Spark, Hive, Pig, etc)
  • write summary reports to the Board

However, a Big Data consultant does not only analyze and audit your data but he also brings solutions to the Board to work on future actions with them. The Big Data consultant also works as a “project manager” by helping the entire team.

Skills of a Big Data consultant?

If your company is looking for a Big data consultant, here it is what you need to look after:

Of course, a Big Data consultant enjoys technical challenges, mathematics and computer programming because he has to be able to do data modelization and exploration before bringing you solutions. The Big Data consultant knows how to work on several monitoring tools and how to benchmark the solutions he brought with Hadoop and some other development tools as Java or SQL. More than just technical skills, a Big Data consultant needs writing and communication skills and also can deal with English language, especially in a global company.

What do we do?

The Saagie Big Data platform, as an evolutive and secured platform, accompanies your Big data consultants from data collection to vizualisation thanks to a ready-to-use tool. Managing your data in a data lake will be easy thanks to extraction jobs as ETL, storage, cleaning, SQL, etc.

With Saagie the consultant can also work on data visualization via intuitive charts, dashboards, tables and so on. This way, access to clear summary reports to study your data becomes easier for the company and its business development.