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Our Story


Saagie is a startup created in Normandy in 2013 by Arnaud Muller. At first, advising companies through their innovative Artificial Intelligence-based projects was at the very core of the business.

However, it then became clear that companies needed more than Big Data strategy help to achieve their goal, they needed infrastructure. That is why two years after the business was started, the first platform was launched : Saagie Data Fabric.

Saagie works closely with both public and private research laboratories and the education sector.

Arnaud Muller - Saagie CEO
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San Francisco

To enter the "Impact USA" 2017 program, Saagie was chosen by both BpiFrance (within the startups hub) and Business France in order to set up in San Francisco, California.

Why Saagie ?

“サギ” [sagi] is the japanese word for heron. This migratory bird lives near lakes. To get food, it can stay hours in the water only to plunge its head at the right moment to find the right prey.

Like the heron, our startup provides companies with tools to collect the right information whenever needed from their datalake.

Saagie Mascotte
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