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Why Saagie?

The best partner to boost your business with artificial intelligence!

1 day
to deploy the platform
instead of months
No admin cost
Save at least $200k per year on data administration and operations
10 weeks
to build and run Machine Learning based applications instead of 18 months
of transactional data
analyzed every day
1000x faster
velocity compared to traditional analytics solutions

What makes Saagie different?

Turnkey and flexible

Ready-to-operate and fully managed. Focus on building your business applications.

Technology agnostic

The best of the breed of AI technologies all in one place. Benefit from the most advanced technology.

Future proof

Seamless updates with no extra cost. Stay at the cutting edge of innovation whilst maintaining your production environment stable.


No lock-In: deployable on your existing data lake, compatible with your favorite tools. Optimize your IT architecture.

Safety and privacy

Privacy by design for your data and algorithms. Keep your investment is secured.

The Saagie's manifesto

See differently, It's time to move forward

Every company wonders how to adapt to the digital era. How to get out of resilience and fully embrace the New? Too much time is wasted on creating a “digital lab”.

Going digital isn’t another tick box to check nor another activity to add. The culture of disruption is already part of your organisation. You just need to release it.

Going digital starts with a tight community: your employees.

We all use digital services in our daily life, they educate us, for our good.

  • Why should it be different at work?
  • Why do obsolete frameworks still rule your business?
  • Why would your organization prevent you from finding accurate information?

People serve a common purpose and should be free to access their data.

That’s what leading a purpose-driven team is all about: offering means to people.

The challenge Saagie overcame: accessibility of private data.

Business is a war of execution.

A great execution is the result of a great understanding of your customers.

The knowledge that results from your own experiences must be private to the world but fully open for your team.

Saagie unites bright engineers to fulfill technical challenges, smart business people that focus on efficiency, and bold designers to create a great user experience.

We have overcome this challenge: your data is protected, can be accessed simply, and is fully alive.

Forget controlling. Start empowering people.

Give people the information they need, when they want it.

Immediacy is a must have. A question without an answer is a direct loss for your business.

Care matters. Provide accessibility to business data, you’ll get tons of profitable experiences to implement.

Openness is a rule inside your organisation. Don’t ask what you might lose, see what you will win.

Arnaud Muller CEO of Saagie
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