Why Saagie?

The best partner to boost your analytics projects!


to deploy the platform instead of months


Save at least $200k per year on data administration and operations


to build and run Machine Learning based applications instead of 18 months

What makes Saagie different?

Turnkey and flexible

Ready-to-operate and fully managed. Focus on building your business applications.

Technology agnostic

The best of the breed of AI technologies all in one place. Benefit from the most advanced technology.

Future proof

Seamless updates with no extra cost. Stay at the cutting edge of innovation whilst maintaining your production environment stable.


No lock-In: deployable on your existing infrastructure (cloud, on-prem, hyrid), compatible with your favorite tools. Optimize your IT architecture.

Security and privacy

Privacy by design for your data and algorithms. Keep your investment secured.

Orchestrate your analytics projects with Saagie Data Fabric
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