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A heron in Vegas : Saagie at the CES 2016

What happens in Vegas… ends up on our blog: 10 days after our return, here is everything you need to know about our 3 days at the CES 2016 !

Our CES experience

DAY 5 & 6

While our CEO, Arnaud Muller, is proudly presenting our brand new Saagie appliance (just released from US customs), our team takes advantage to measure the tradeshow’s 2.4 million square feet : Americans, Asians, Russians, or Frenchies, everybody is attending CES 2016. Our team collected and distributed hundreds of business cards.

saagie las vegas


So this is the end. Before going back home our heron took a last ride in one of the thousands Las Vegas’s gift shop and had a beer with the Normandy French Tech ecosystem.

See you next year in Vegas…

saagie las vegas