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Let’s introduce our partners !

As you may know, Big Data / AI is a pretty complex technology ecosystem. Between proprietary and open source technologies, you can easily loose your way while trying to juggle with literally tens of frameworks. Believe us, it is hard to orchestrate and expensive as well.

That is the reason why we want to be at Saagie an accelerator, the engine to bring your Big Data / AI projects up and running. And that is why we created the Data Fabric : we do the plumbing, you focus on creating smart applications.

We keep on improving our platform. Our partners ecosystem is an extension to our existing data technology assembly line. Sometimes, one of our partners has exactly what you are looking for, so it is our job to make sure you get access to the latest and greatest solutions. Most of all, it allows us to provide you with the best available technologies on the market. So, this is the perfect opportunity to discover 7 of our innovative partners (who were with us at “Salon Big Data 2018”) and what they offer.

Easy Data Viz with Toucan Toco

This 4 year-old startup offers to help you along “the last mile of your data’s journey”. What they do is called “storytelling”. They let your data speak to you, so you can take the right decisions. Using Dataviz tools, anyone from your firm can then access data through charts, like little stories, on any device.

Ready-to-use data with Trifacta

This US company, founded in 2012, is specialized in Data Wrangling using Machine Learning. Before getting any value out of your Data, it needs to be prepared. You do not just take raw Data and let the magic happen. So, Dataprep is necessary but yet pretty long and painful. It means technological expertise and time companies do not always have. So Trifacta does it for you. You can then concentrate on leveraging your Data and do only that.

Do not worry about Pricing with Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics is a startup created in 2015 using artificial intelligence to define pricing.  What they do is they use your data to study, analyze and understand it. Then, they are able to predict customers behaviour. All of this allowing them to establish, in real time, a pricing both adapted to the market and to your strategic and commercial targets.

Customer Experience 2.0 with X Brain

At X Brain, everything is about customer experience. That is the reason why they created a conversational AI powered by Machine Learning. Their solution is a bot, Satisfaction.ia, which masters natural language speech recognition. It seems pretty challenging, but it means the bot can figure out what you are saying, which allows it to chat with customers 24/7. In order to train the bot, you can imagine complex scenarios without having to use any code.

Keep your clients close with NG Data

NG Data is a Customer Data Platform solution. This Belgian company offers to optimize customer experience using Machine Learning since 2012. Lilly Enterprise, their product, creates profiles to generate unique, adapted and relevant customer experiences. Their main goal is to make sure your customers stick with you and stay loyal, and they are established in Europe, in the USA and in Asia.

A Data marketplace with Dawex

Founded in 2015, Dawex is a French startup which allows data trading. As you may know, Big Data or AI projects correspond to a wide variety of datasets. So, when you do not have enough or not the ones you need, what do you do ? Well you guessed it, that is what Dawex is here for.  On the other hand, when you have data but it is useless to you and may be valuable to others, you can sell it.

Connect, learn and predict with Prevision IO

Prevision IO is a 2 year-old French startup. It is easy, their core business is Machine Learning, and they help you develop your own algorithms. You can then “predict, manage intelligently, interpret behavior or automate a process”. You do not need existing infrastructure, nor any expertise on the subject.