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Saagie commits with France Digitale for a new vision of AI

Last month, Business France engaged to support the French tech ecosystem with the French Tech 120 program. Now, this ecosystem has to mobilize. France Digitale announced on February 19 the launch of a French task force dedicated to artificial intelligence in order to design a new vision and methodology. Being both ethical and practical, this European vision is competing with the GAFAM.

Unite to spread the influence of a European ecosystem

The aim of this initiative is simple: to provide a field vision of artificial intelligence by proposing to those who are the main contributors to participate in the debate in order to propose applicable measures. France Digitale and the entrepreneurs therefore propose to create a bridge between the startups that participate daily in French innovation and the European Commission, which wants the emergence of European champions.

As they also recalled, it is a matter of “giving France and Europe the means to strengthen their place in the global run towards Artificial Intelligence”. To do this, there is no better way than to federate an ecosystem whose know-how is already recognized, which is why “this group of startups is reaching out to the Commission to offer its expertise in this field”.

The companies have chosen to come together to have a say in the decisions that will shape their future market, but also to work to “bring a vision of technological innovation at the service of humans”. Two axes have so far been identified to start the discussions: “ethical AI” and ” data access”. The goal, which is not concealed, will be to “bring out European champions in this very high potential sector”.

Why now?

The timing is not insignificant as it follows the announcement by the European Commission of an ambitious plan to ensure that the old continent catches up with the Americans and the Chinese. During a press conference held on Wednesday, its president Ursula von der Leyen explained that the aim of this strategy was to enable “the digital revolution to fuel our economy and to find European solutions for the digital age”.

In concrete terms, the target is to create a “single European data market” by 2030. The Commission also plans to invest €4-6 billion in secure and environmentally friendly Cloud infrastructure and hopes to attract almost €20 billion per year in investment in AI. 

But the reason why companies are mobilizing is mainly to show their expertise in the industry. France Digitale has listed 435 French startups in the AI sector, 102 more than last year. The market is growing strongly and with 1.14 billion euros invested in fundraising over the year 2019, it is also the most flourishing in Europe.

Saagie at the core of the initiative

Together with our founder Arnaud Muller, we wish to position ourselves at the forefront of the movement. This is why Saagie, alongside with Aive, Braincube, CleverConnect, Comfiz, Criteo, Doctrine, DriveQuant, Incepto, Iris Capital, JobTeaser, Lexbase, NamR, Paylead, Serena, Shift Technology and Talentsoft, is among the founders of a cluster that is likely to grow in the coming months.

This is just the beginning. The point at this stage is to mobilize great energy to make an impact on one of the most important issues of the future, which is digital transformation. It is very promising to see the emergence of collective initiatives that are very structuring for tomorrow's jobs and businesses. Just like Saagie, all the other players in the sector who have something to say or solutions to propose deserve a place in this task force. And since we are being listened to, we must now make sure that we are heard.

Arnaud Muller - President of Saagie

More than an opportunity to have our voice heard, it was above all a civic duty, that of responding to the call of our institutions to shake things up and federate an ecosystem to achieve this. In addition to the chance to have greater decision-making power, it is also an opportunity to work more responsibly, taking into account the environmental or ethical dimension of our activity.

Arnaud Muller - President of Saagie

The door is now wide open to all companies that wish to join the movement. The only watchword is action, and the willingness to do things differently.