Flexible deployments

Because your IT infrastructure is constantly evolving and sometimes needs to be hybrid, Saagie adapts to your deployment requirements

Saagie Cloud

Create a dedicated Saagie instance on our Green Data Center. Saagie scales to hundreds of terabytes.

Saagie Appliance

Plug our appliance directly into your data center and create a ready-to-operate big data platform leveraging a unique combination of hardware and software. Saagie’s appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.


Leverage your existing IT infrastructure by integrating Saagie on top of it, and unleash the full potential of your data.

Public cloud

Create a dedicated Saagie instance on a selected Cloud service provider (AWS, Azure) in only a few minutes. Start uploading data and focus on building your AI-enabled business applications right away.

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