Analytics Projects

Accelerate data project delivery

Project Design

Project Design

  • Select the right team members for each project
  • Choose your favorite technologies for each job category (extraction, processing and smart apps)
  • Isolate projects for safe parallel teamwork


  • Execute & copy jobs
  • Promote jobs between environments
  • View a job’s status by author and category (extraction, processing & smart apps)


  • Orchestrate multi-framework pipelines
  • Schedule jobs or run them in streaming mode
  • Get notified of a pipeline’s status and consult its instance history


  • View a history of logs and job instances
  • Version jobs and perform rollback
  • Monitor global performance and allocate resources


Ease compliance (GDPR, PSD2) and share qualified data

Data Portal

Data Portal

  • Domains: access a logical view of your datasets
  • Enrich datasets documentation and metadata
  • Share data: sampling, exports, GraphQL APIs
Audit / Traceability

Audit / Traceability

  • Access users logs for global monitoring of activity
  • Design your processes logbook
  • Visualize inputs/outputs for every job
Personal Data

Personal Data

  • Manage user consent
  • Anonymize data after a specified time period
  • Access a personal data analytics dashboard


  • Set up user accesses by group & profile
  • Manage Sentry authorizations
  • Protect datasets against reading/writing

Saagie Store

Share private projects inside your organization

Project sharing

Project sharing

  • Leverage an internal private store for artifact sharing: jobs, pipelines, Docker images…
App documentation

App documentation

  • Discover the ecosystem and download artifacts


Privacy by design / Security by default


  • Connect with login & password
  • Use an internal or external LDAP
  • Ensure security with Kerberos compatibility


  • Encrypt external accesses: SSL/TLS for HTTP/TCP
  • Leverage HDFS transparent encryption
  • Use an external server key encryption management (key management server)


  • Manage different levels of access with Apache Sentry: Diagram / Folder / File / Table / Field


  • Export logs to a SIEM-type solution (Security Information and Event Management)
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