Manage all your data use cases in a unique environment

Analytics projects

  • Make up your data teams, then mix and match the best-of-breed open source technologies
  • Create custom data pipelines according to your enterprise processes
  • Ensure security with specific authorizations and projects isolation

Processing orchestration

  • Schedule and monitor jobs & pipelines with batch or streaming mode
  • Ease IT Ops with full logging and job versioning
  • Automate your process releases through IDEs plugins and APIs

Share your assets through public or private AI marketplaces

Projects portability

  • Abstract infrastructure to leverage multi-lakes worldwide
  • Deploy both on premise and/or in the cloud
  • Promote easily your projects from an instance to another

AI-based business applications

  • Address multiple use cases in a ‘build or buy’ mode
  • Share assets within a private or a public store
  • Take advantage of the entire data & analytics ecosystem

Deal with both data governance & security

Documentation & Cataloging

  • Browse the datalake with a business-user-friendly portal
  • Document your datalake with custom metadata: domain, provenance, trust, status…
  • Share your datasets through connectors and APIs


  • Manage authorizations at different scales: environments, projects, datasets
  • Allow data teams to deploy their algorithms on ‘kerberized’ datalakes
  • Audit user activity and get an overview of the data/analytics registry
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