Saagie Appliance

The ready-to-use Big Data box !

Secure your data in your own data center with the power of the cloud.

Up to 42 To of storage, 1.2 To RAM and functions of Deep Learning and HPC by 5U.

High density hardware for Big Data

Up to 42 big data nodes on the first appliance. Up to 48 big data nodes on the stacked appliances.

High density, brings resilience for your cluster, safety for your data and huge distributed calculation capacity.

Ready to use Deep Learning

Intel Xeon Phi or NVidia GPU card to use your favorite deep learning framework : TensorFlow, Kaffe, Keras.

Image and sound recognition becomes a commodity.

HPC dedicated hardware

Advanced simulation and optimisation with Intel Xeon Phi for massive CPU parallel computing.

3 main paradigms of advanced processing into one appliance : distributed computing, GPU & CPU massive parallel computing!


Not limited to one appliance : stack them into the same data center and extend storage and processing capabilities.

Discover your next Big Data Platform !
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