A ready-to-use data platform

Saagie allows you to focus on deriving business value from data:

  • Experience real time insights
  • Find correlations between internal and external data sources
  • Re-invent your business through predictive algorithms

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An end-to-end data platform

Saagie is an end-to-end data platform that provides all the software you need to run a datalake in production. It covers the hardware, the storage, the calculation cluster, the security layer, the fabric layer, data governance and visualization tools.

Our purpose is to empower any employee of your company with the right data tools. From the business user to the system administrator, everyone can contribute : data scientist, BI Consultant, Data Architect, Developer, Chief Data Officer, Data Stewart.

Deploy on the Cloud

The creation of a dedicated Saagie instance on our Green Data Center or a selected Cloud service provider takes only minutes. Start uploading data and focus on business. Saagie scales to thousands of Terabytes.

Deploy in your data center

An appliance that plugs straight into your Data center, creating a ready-to-operate big data platform. A unique combination of hardware and software. The Saagie appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.

Appliance Specs

Speed up Data projects

For everyone

Saagie cares for people: from business users, data scientists, developers to system administrators.


Saagie connects with open and re-usable technologies.
No lock-in and future proof.

Behind the firewall

Saagie is not exclusively Cloud-based. The platform can also be deployed in your own Datacenter.

End to End

From extraction to visualization, Saagie incorporates powerful Big Data technologies all through the data value chain.

Easy to adapt

Select the technologies that fit your requirements and skill sets. You can continue using the technologies you’ve already mastered.


Saagie is a solid, scalable platform built to industrialize Big Data and includes logging, monitoring, versioning and rollback.

A platform for everyone

Because Data is at the heart of digital transformation, Saagie is naturally available for all kinds of stakeholders.

Click on a persona tab to experience how to derive value from data.

Business users

Derive value from data

On the Saagie platform business users have a wide range of tools at their disposal to create value from data comprising custom applications, reports and interactive dashboards.

BI/Data experts

Succeed the transition to Big Data

Saagie provides tools for BI consultants to get up to speed with big data technologies. Use the available extractors or create your own ETL jobs to store cleansed data in the datalake or datamart. You can query, directly in SQL, thousands of Gigabytes in only a few seconds.

An increasing number of query and visualization tools is available to create interactive reports and dashboards.

Data scientists

The best data analytic tools

Saagie provides a range of powerful tools to correlate data, predict outcomes and use classification and regression algorithms. You can either use standard algorithms such as Spark MLib, or create and re-use algorithms in your language of choice (R, Python...). Saagie allows you to easily test and fine-tune algorithms on huge datasets.

An experienced team of Saagie Data Scientist is always available to assist you.


Create custom Big Data processes easily

Saagie provides developers with a set of powerful development tools in your language of choice (Scala, Java…). You can create or re-use existing jobs (MapReduce, Spark …) through our job scheduler.

For deployment, benefit from the best technologies the market offers : link your processes with a GIT compliant process manager, execute the complete integration chain and continuous deployment.


Monitor and deploy Big Data easily

The Saagie platform provides a set of powerful system administration tools.

To launch scripts you can use our scheduling and monitoring processes.

We provide you with a fully monitored continuous deployment system, with very easy roll-back to a previous version in case of errors.

A modular architecture

Saagie is built upon an entirely modular, capsule-based architecture. We maintain every single capsule that will consequently always be up to date. You are free to select different capsules for the same end-results.

architecture platform big data

A full stack platform

A ready-to-use set of capsules

Saagie incorporates a complete set of capsules that correspond to every type of date use. We continuously add new capsules to this list to add more value for our customers and partners.

Details on technologies


  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Flatfile
  • Open Data
  • PDF
  • Divalto
  • Twitter
  • ...


Open Data

Data lake



Jupyter Notebook

Data mart

Mongo DB

Data viz


Tableau, QlikView, Pentaho, Birt, Business Object, MicroStrategy

Existing BI
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