Saagie Bot

Interaction with the datalake for dummies.

Enable everyone in your company to ask questions to your datalake in natural language. No programming skill required.

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Text to Data

Give orders in plain text and get your data instantly. Easily filter or group data based on your own attributes.

Be the master, don't wait for 6 months to get your data extract.

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Use your company vocabulary

Thanks to Saagie Data Governance, the end user just has to use your typical company wording.

Enable data self service and massive employee onboarding.

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Speech to data

Talk to Saagie Bot using Chrome browser or other nice social robots like Haapie.

Access to data has never been so easy.

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In any languages

Speak or write in any language. Data access has to be global.

Ease of deployment in every country.

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Integrate with our API

Saagie Bot is available in all the Saagie applications : Present, Governance, Excel.

Integrate the Saagie Bot API in any internal applications.

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Discover your next Big Data Platform!
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