Saagie Data Governance

Get a clean organised datalake, avoid a data swamp.

Saagie Data Governance is providing user friendly governance tool for the Data Stewarts so you can provide a qualified data portal to the whole company.

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Organize by domain

Organize your datalake by business domain and setup a curated view to each of business unit of your company.

End users start with good quality data and make data driven decisions.

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Your own dictionary

Data Stewarts can input the company vocabulary over the generic technical name of the datasets.

Business user would easily find a dataset based on their day to day wording.

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Qualify datasets

Data Stewarts are now able to qualify any datasets : trust level, raw or final data, master data management, documentation.

You can exposed only the qualified data to the end user.

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A clean data portal

Saagie Data Governance also provides a nice portal so every employee can crawl the datalake as they are using an open data website.

Share the right data for the right end users.

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