Saagie Data Fabric

Data science won't stay at the door of production anymore.

Benefit from cloud capabilities over Big Data.

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Data Pipeline in action

Data Pipeline

Build your own job workflows mixing Sqoop, Talend, Spark, R, Python and more…And avoid the pain of handling multiple technologies.

Each pipeline can be scheduled and enable a very precise monitoring.

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Global monitoring

Process your data with the most common tools such as Java, Spark, Talend, Python or R. Monitor your jobs the same way without any technical effort.

Standard monitoring is applicable to streaming and dataviz app. Recovery procedure is automatic.

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Java and R job with green and pending status
Choose jobs to release to a target environment

Standard release process

Like Java & BI best practices, standardize the release process and bring the datascience to the production step.

Data science becomes valuable to the rest of the company.

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Easy Versioning & rollback

Version every part of the job just like the best Platform-as-a-Service do. Rollback on a click or an API call instantly, at any time.

Be in control of your big data production.

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A lot of version with shiny rollback button
Instances of a job with centralized logs

Centralized logging

The whole history of jobs (status, meta data and logs) available within the user interface and in real time.

Delegate and boost resolution procedure.

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Concurrent Framework Version

Implement the latest big data framework without impacting the legacy work.

No compromise between production stability and innovation.

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Dropdown with Spark 1.6 and Spark 1.5
API to run or stop a job

Saagie Data Fabric API

Implement the power of Saagie Data Fabric in your own tools with a simple API, like external scheduling and monitoring tools.

Enable Continuous Deployment using CI tools like Jenkins, Travis or Teamcity.

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Developer Plugins

A set of plugins for all your favorite development tooling : RStudio, Maven, SBT, Jupyter...

Developers are just two clicks or a command line away from deploying their work on Saagie Data Fabric.

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Plugin R Studio
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