Saagie Manager

Data science won't stay at the door of the production anymore.

Saagie Manager is providing cloud capabilities over big data to your company.

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Data Pipeline in action

Data Pipeline

Handle multiple technology can be a pain, that's why we provide a data pipeline to build your own workflows of jobs mixing Sqoop, Talend, Spark, R, Python and so on...

Each pipeline can be scheduled and allow a very sharp monitoring.

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Global monitoring

Saagie manage many kinds of technologies for your data processing. You can use Java, Spark, talend, Python or R, you monitor it the same way without any technical effort.

Saagie Manager also take care of your streaming processing and dataviz app, if they fall down Saagie will make them up and work within seconds.

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Java and R job with green and pendogn status
Choose jobs to release to a target environment

Standard release process

Because we don't want the data scientist work to never reach production, we have standardize the release processing through environment from classical Java & Talend technologies to the last version of R, Spark or Python.

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Advanced scheduling

Saagie Manager includes an internal scheduler but also a data pipeline builder where you can mix any technologies supported by Saagie.

With the data pipeline builder, you can now build a processing workflow at the business level and focus on it without spending weeks on the integration of a big data framework.

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Scheduling Screen
A lot of version with shiny rollback button

Version & rollback easily

As the best Platform as a Service for hosting applications, we version every kind of jobs you push into Saagie Manager. We then keep the settings and the package so you can rollback on a click or an API call.

You are now in control of big data production.

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Centralized logging

For any kind of jobs, logs are available within the user interface and in real time. The whole history of jobs is available (status, meta data and logs).

The last 200 lines are available by a click. You can also download the full logs.

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Instances of a job with centralized logs
Dropdown with Spark 1.6 and Spark 1.5

Concurrent Framework Version

Managing a big data production with the developers asking every week for the last version of a trendy big data framework is kind of a hell.

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Saagie Manager API

Everything you do within Saagie Manager is available through an API. You can gather status and schedule jobs with your own monitoring tools.

You can even do continuous deployment connecting your favorite CI tool like Jenkins, Travis or Teamcity.

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API to run or stop a job
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