Saagie Present

Data story telling as a self service for any employees of your company.

With Saagie Present, you can build and share presentation based on your datalake.

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A whole slide with text, data, picture, table and chart

Focus on content

Start from a ready-to-use layout where you can add text, image, tables and graphs. Saagie Present is designed so you can quickly build a pretty presentation.

Of course, you can add your company theme to make sure your data storytelling is well-branded.

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Explore Data

All the Saagie tools available ensure that each type of users can have their unique way of accessing your secured enterprise datalake by providing power and accessibility.

Business users will use the chatbot, spreadsheet experts will use the graphical requester and developers will use SQL queries.

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Explore the lake with SQL

Drill down into details

Saagie Present is not a simple slide deck. You can decide which part of a slide is zoomable so you can drill down into details.

Now, you can build your data "editorial" and write a nice data journey for your readers.

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Once you're done, you can share your data story to your teammates, board, customers or suppliers.

Of course, you can do it in a secure way based on your Active Directory management tool.

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