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Saagie supports Research and Education

Big Data is now a global challenge facing organizations.

Saagie aims at making Big Data available to everyone. Saagie engages in Big Data experimental programs geared towards solving practical business problems.


Saagie is a leading proponent of the Normandy DataLab, which facilitates and widens the scope of experiments on data, democratizes data engineering, enables organizations to leverage Innovation and helps them to grow in a data-driven way.

To this end, we gather startups, established companies, local governments, universities and students. This unique ecosystem concentrates resources to spread knowledge and support the widest adoption of Big Data.


We set up collaborations between startups and conventional industry within the Datalab. This means meeting high standards of security (CRIANN secure infrastructure) and scientific rigor (the best researchers, PhDs and engineers).

We make Big Data a key asset for Normandy's economy for the next decade. Growth opportunities arise from using the right tools. Saagie plays a pivotal role in providing those.

The Datalab also has an educational function: allow Data science students to contribute to Agile projects from INSA and LITIS, be a collaborative platform for teachers to create the necessary trainings for a job market where skills are already in demand

The first R&D Program is funded by BPI France and the Normandy Region.


Saagie supports technical communities and events, such as Java Users Groups, Datageeks, Codeurs en Seine, Breizhcamp and NetSecure Day. Meetups are organized by non-profit organizations which promote and share knowledge. Saagie modestly contributes to furthering the cause.

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