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AI for Bank and Insurance

Artificial Intelligence could be feared in some cases, but the majority of us consider it as fascinating. It’s already used in many areas, and in the banking industry, this technology is reinventing the role of customer support in order to better address their requirements and retain them. Data protection, employment, markets regulation, what are the main stakes in the Financial Services industry?


What is the link between bank, healthcare, Uber and Netflix? Big Data of course! Data analysis is revolutionizing our society. Every data we produce every day are stored and reused, whatever they come from our smartphones, connected watches, computers… But their misuse by many companies has created a climate of distrust. The individual is dispossessed. How to restore trust ?

Churn rate

Churn rate plays a critical role in any company today because it highlights its customers’ loyalty, which has an impact on its profitability. The choice of bank is mostly linked to recommendation and proximity, but because of the simplicity to switch from one bank to another and the growing number of new digital banks, traditional banks are at risk and they need to detect earlier any signal of potential churners.

Predictive Maintenance

With the analysis of your data, whether temperature, vibration, resonance or friction. Saagie records all this data, identifies “risky” moments for your equipment and calculates probabilities for future failures. You will be able to identify sensitive parts and components in your system while maintaining your production and reducing the costs of failures.

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