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A ready to use data platform

  • Experience real time insights.
  • Find correlations between internal and external data sources.
  • Re-invent your business through predictive algorithms.

Why get Saagie?

  • For everyone
  • Open
  • Behind the firewall
  • End to End
  • Easy to adapt
  • Industrialize

Saagie Present

Data story telling as a self service for any employees of your company.

With Saagie Present, you can build and share presentation based on your datalake.

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Saagie Manager

Data science won't stay at the door of the production anymore.

Saagie Manager is providing cloud capabilities over big data to your company.

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Deploy on the Cloud

The creation of a dedicated Saagie Kumo instance on our Green Data Center or a selected Cloud service provider only takes minutes. Start uploading data and focus on business. Saagie scales to thousands of Terabytes.

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Deploy in your data center

Saagie Su is an Appliance that plugs straight into your Data center, creating a ready-to-operate big data platform. A unique combination of hardware and software. The Saagie Su appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.

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Discover your next big data platform!

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