Accelerate Analytics Project Delivery with Saagie DataOps Orchestration

One of the major  pain points for companies is to deploy their AI use cases at scale and prove their profitability. Firms often face people, method and technology challenges. Saagie provides an orchestrator to enable organizations to manage an ever-changing ecosystem of data processes, technologies, and infrastructures.

A Single DataOps Solution for Several Challenges

Challenge #1 - Bring Alignment and Collaboration Among Teams

Since IT, data and business teams do not always share the same objectives and culture, they find themselves working in silos.

Saagie brings collaboration and consistency between stakeholders by providing a unique and agile environment to allow them to work together. The DataOps Orchestrator allows data consumers to access data easily, without technical administrators or managers required. It reduces operational complexity and total cost of ownership, so their main focus can be on creating business value.

Challenge #2 - Accelerate Delivery with Process Automation

Most initiatives are handcrafted as companies tend to overlook processes that cover key activities such as provisioning servers, integrating frameworks and libraries, writing code in various languages and for different deployment standards, or collecting and integrating feedback from business users.

Saagie accelerates the build and run of AI apps by automating workflows. All data is gathered in a single work environment to create data jobs and get them running into Data Pipelines. The pipeline allows users to order their data processing operations by sequencing Data Scientists, Engineers and coders’ work. It offers IT a clearer vision of the project and the possibility to intervene at any step of the data lifecycle (extraction, preparation, processing, visualizing) through notifications and APIs.

Challenge #3 - Leverage a Large Technological Ecosystem

The ever-changing data landscape (including AI, Big Data, Analytics) may be confusing and complexifies any technological choice as it offers countless frameworks that are hard to integrate and maintain.

Saagie DataOps Orchestrator integrates the best-in-class commercial and open source data technologies to seamlessly fit within existing workflows.The only thing left is to pick and choose different technologies to address use cases.