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With data projects, three departments are under stress: IT, data and business teams. The Business team wants to be reactive to quickly seize opportunities, the data team needs to continuously upgrade tools to better respond to business needs, while the IT team requires a robust and secure infrastructure. The DataOps Orchestrator addresses these constraints by bringing collaboration back into data projects.

Data Team

What They Need: Agility and Technologies

Data profiles need flexibility when choosing technologies and a place to collaborate, share their work and get business inputs. As they build and maintain pipelines to run AI algorithms, they need access to multiple data sources and to follow projects while respecting data privacy. They also want different environments to explore, experiment and get their jobs into production. 

What Saagie Offers

When data teams use Saagie, they can choose from a large set of their favorite open source technologies (in their latest versions) and enjoy ready-to-use notebooks. The DataOps Orchestrator offers a single point to manage data extraction from different sources and seamless orchestration of the data life cycle thanks to the easy creation of automated data pipelines. Our unique tool also offers multiple environments in a single ecosystem to share works within teams. 

IT Team

What They Need: Control and Security

As they are in charge of building, maintaining and securing a large technological stack, the IT team needs to update and monitor heterogeneous frameworks, audit activity and automate release processes; all of that while staying in compliance with IT Ops standards and not altering the data team’s code.

What Saagie Offers

Saagie provides DataOps Orchestration with best-in-class integration promoting standardization and openness. It saves time in cluster provisioning and framework integration and allows to easily deploy Docker applications with all security standards. It means less friction between Ops teams and data practitioners and helps release applications 3 times faster than it would take by building a solution from scratch.

Business Team

What They Need: Inputs and Speed

Whether it is to get a deeper knowledge of their market, personalize offers or predict behaviors such as churn, business teams need to get access to fresh updated data and dashboards. They want to consume refined data quickly in order to get input and make decisions based on what will bring business value.

What Saagie Offers

With Saagie, business teams become key project stakeholders and get involved right from the start. The whole team can deliver trusted AI at scale to enable the realization of superior, sustained and trusted business performance. Most importantly, Saagie brings acceleration and faster time to value especially for business stakeholders.

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