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It's a set of technologies that allow us to work on data all the way from extraction to storage and visualisation.

Guillaume Cordelier,
Head of Innovation, Caisse d'Epargne Normandie (Bank)
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Thanks to the Saagie platform, we are now fully exploiting our data.

In just four months we designed and deployed a dashboard with a great user experience that gave us a new vision on our business.

Internalizing this project would have required huge investments. Working with Saagie freed us from the technology and allowed us to focus on our business.

We are fully satisfied with the results and are currently deepening our partnership.

Frédéric Viguié, CEO


An powerful data solution from day one!

Due to the increase of our activities we had to deal with a massive increase in data volumes. We started using the Saagie platform to explore data faster and increase our performance on recommendations.

We quickly realized the huge benefits the technology brought us and in particular by quickly generating ultra-focused recommendations for our predictive marketing campaigns.

These excellent results motivated us to start a large project with the Saagie platform.

Pierre Lebel, CEO
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