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Email Virtual Assistant

Classify your clients email requests

Automate your responses

Enhance your quality of service

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Why automating the processing of emails?

Customer service in the banking industry has dramatically evolved over the past 2 decades with the rise of digital services. Customer service representatives are expected to handle an increasing number of email requests at a much faster pace than ever before.

However, chances are that this growing number of emails discourage staff responsiveness and therefore damage customer care itself, increasing customer discontent, as well as, ultimately, churn rate.

So, how to improve efficiency while at the same time maintaining service quality?

customer data

How Saagie helps?

customer data

Saagie helps your customer support team to be more efficient by automating replies to the most common requests.

With the Saagie platform and our expertise, you can build your own smart application of automated responses fitted to your requirements and thus anticipate your customer needs.

Email Virtual Assistant allows:

  • An automatic classification of emails by topics mentioned by customers such as meetings, contract requests, complaints, etc. through Machine Learning.
  • The automation of responses thanks to pre-filled emails.
  • The automation of business processes linked to those specific requests.

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What are the benefits?

An increase by
in advisors productivity
Customers requests processed in
48h max
vs more than 72 hours previously
of quality of service and customer satisfaction
Discover your next Big Data Platform!
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