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Why Customer Segmentation is crucial for your Business

Good Customer Segmentation allows you to identify who your clients really are, their needs and their common characteristics. It's especially helpful to detect customers who are likely to be the most profitable or who have growth potential. Customer Segmentation is a crucial step in business strategy as it helps to better understand and develop key segments. By better targeting your customers, you are able to build an effective marketing plan with adequate messages and offer solutions that fit your clients needs perfectly.

Unfortunately, while companies collect more and more data related to Customers' buying behaviors, they are unable to exploit their full potential by lack of adequate tools.

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How Saagie helps?

customer data

Saagie Platform helps you to collect, centralize and exploit your audience data. With Saagie, you can develop your own applications integrating AI in order to create customer key profiles as detailed as possible. You will be able to identify the different segments of your market and understand their distinctive requirements and specifities. Using Customer Segmentation enables you to define consumers are more likely to buy a product than others and therefore how to better allocate your attention and resources.

Saagie appliations setup is very quick and easy. These apps enable both your marketing and R&D departments to enjoy the full potential of your databases and help you to improve your positioning by remaining competitive.

How? The main steps of a Customer Segmentation Project

  1. Collecting and storing of all customers information in the data lake. Those data can be extracted from both internal database (ERP, CRM, etc) or external sources (such as Social Media for instance).

  2. Analysis and exploitation of customers data by Data Scientists in order to identify the different customers profiles

  3. Creation of profiles

  4. Selection of the most relevant profiles businesswise. More precisely, those who'll become key profiles for both R&D and Marketing Departments

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What are the benefits?

of your Customer Database
of Custom Solutions
of your Marketing Operations
of your Performance and your Profitability
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