Predictive Sales

Foreseeing sales, Optimizing production

Thanks to its precise data analysis algorithms, predictive sales allows businesses to think ahead. Online sales, banking, industry : get a better understanding of your client’s behavior, improving your process along the way.

Why get Saagie?

  •  Target your needs upstream
  •  Develop your customer’s loyalty
  •  Prioritize prospects
  •  Facilitate the process


Time to value: 2 mounths

Data cooking

Data cooking: 3 internal sources,
5-years Saagie Data : hosted mode


Tailor-made algorithm, evolution
reliability : 93%

Even when you offer a good product...'s not always what your clients wants.

In order not to end up taken short by their needs

Saagie helps you understand and analyze the customer’s insights,

so that your offer will match your client’s demand,

and your sales revenue will grow steady.

With Saagie, take a step back and rise up!"

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