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What is KYC?

The term KYC (Know Your Customers) designates all the processes allowing the verification of customer identities for businesses. They are widely used by Banks and Insurance companies to ensure their conformity with current regulation in terms of identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies allows to automatically collect, analyze and cross-reference customer profiles to detect those at risk as soon as their onboarding, notably through behavioral and transactional analysis.

Know your customers

How Saagie helps you improving your KYC processes?

Customer onboarding

Thanks to the Saagie platform, you can automate your KYC processes by developing a customer onboarding application embedding artificial intelligence and document recognition. By automatically analyzing supporting documents submitted by your new clients, this process is simplified both for them and for your teams through two distinct views:

  • For your new customers: a dedicated interface allowing them to upload supporting documents and to follow their file progress.
  • For your advisors: a relationship management interface displaying the document analysis output. As a result, advisors only have to validate files without the need to process them manually.

Saagie improves your customer experience and increases your advisors productivity through a drastically sped up customer onboarding.

Saagie winner of the BNP Paribas / Bank of the West Hackaton in San Francisco

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Saagie is a Data analysis platform that helps banks & insurance companies build and run predictive applications in record times to resolve multiple banking use cases, including facilitating onboarding activities (KYC/ALM) as well as Compliance & Risk Management.

The Saagie expertise

We are currently working with Bank of the West and BNP Paribas to allow them to optimize their KYC processes. Saagie speeds up their onboarding processes by automatically updating customer files which increases the productivity of advisors, onboarding teams, customer due diligence processes and the Customer Acceptance Committee by freeing them of repetitive tasks. Saagie’s Big Data technology also allows the bank to optimize its upsell and cross-sell strategies.

What are the benefits?

Customer onboarding time shrinking
from several weeks to only
a few days
regulatory compliance
Increase in
of quality of service and customer satisfaction
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