Market Segmentation

Target your audience, Sharpen your strategy

Market segmentation can help you identify the coherent subsets that constitute the audience. Depending on the segment requirements and specifities, you’ll be able to adapt your business plan and perfect your positioning. Algorithms allow you to make sense of the data while keeping intact its distinctive features.

Why get Saagie?

  •  Control the risk you take
  •  Reduce costs and increase profitability
  •  Gather your efforts to increase competivity
  •  Define your target audience with precision


Time to value: 2 months

Data cooking

Data cooking: 3 internal sources,
5-years Saagie Data: hosted mode


Tailor-made algorithm, evolution
reliability: 93%

Even when business is good...

You don’t always know which marketing lever is working.

You're at a loss to comprehend what the data means...

Saagie helps you get a clearer view...

...of your clients' needs and features,

so you can happily make sense of the data.

With Saagie, take a step back and rise up!

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