predictive maintenance

reduce costs

foresee problems

optimize production

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Why do you have to do predictive maintenance ?

Existing maintenance models have shown some limits. On the one hand, corrective maintenance makes you wait for a failure before repairing. On the other hand, preventive maintenance often schedules maintenance programs too early whereas the machine could be used a few weeks more.

Predictive maintenance enables companies to pre-empt failure by collecting data from various sources (sensors, IOT, GMAO) in order to make correlations between them and find failure patterns.

The aim of predictive maintenance ? To act just before the failure happens and stop the equipment. It is important to determine at the right moment by getting the right people, the accurate material, and so on.

The advantages of predictive maintenance?

With production systems analysis, predictive maintenance allows to :

  • Predict failures before they happen
  • Minimize the costs due to engines reparation
  • Reduce machines downtime time
  • Optimize material and human resources of companies
  • Improve the energy efficiency

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Bouygues has opted for predictive maintenance (video)

Saagie helps you to implement predictive maintenance projects

Saagie is a Big Data full stack platform which enables to define a predictive maintenance strategy of a various kind of equipments : automatons, candelabras, interactive billboards, traffic signals.

The platform will help you to define a data pipeline in order to help you for your predictive maintenance platform from data extraction to accurate creation of failure patterns.

How ? The main steps of the project

  1. Collection of all the data of the company and storage in a data lake. IoT, sensors and data from GMAO with all the failures background, whatever preventive or corrective operations.

  2. Data analysis by the Data Scientists in order to create learning basis.

  3. Detection of failure and operations patterns.

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