Saagie for Ops
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What we do for you

“Ops” is a short and sweet way to sum up the very long and complex work you actually do. If you are involved in Ops, you know how challenging it is to build, maintain and secure a data infrastructure. You need to update and monitor heterogeneous frameworks for your large stack, audit activity to make sure everything is running smoothly, and automate processes to make everything faster. And if that wasn’t enough, you have to comply with IT Ops standards and not alter the data team’s code.

With the Saagie DataOps Platform, you can save configuration time by leveraging a managed infrastructure with automated maintenance and updates. Saagie is a robust platform that eases integration so you can get up and running with a pre-configured cluster, no matter how you choose to deploy.

Our turnkey solution runs with orchestration standards such as Docker and Kubernetes, reduces friction between Ops teams and data practitioners, and helps you release applications three times faster than building a solution from scratch. Once your projects are deployed in production, we ensure a high level of reliability with centralized logs and network isolation so you can track and secure any project.

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