Scale for Any Industry

No matter the sector that your company operates in, Saagie can scale to fit your needs. The DataOps Orchestrator can address a large number of use cases across diverse and ever-growing markets. To know which one is the most adapted to your company, check out what we can do for your industry.

Finance / Banking

Detect customers' key life events, build new personalized services, automate internal processes and reduce risk exposure


Raise production line quality by reducing product defects and increasing equipment uptime, and improve efficiency by sharing insights across areas

Wholesale & Retail

Leverage data to understand customers habits and to build new recommendations systems, customize marketing campaigns, reduce churn


Gain deeper insights to improve customer knowledge and to develop new pricing policies, optimize claims processing while reducing fraud


Improve cybersecurity for military applications, detect radicalization signals on social media and leverage data to increase situational awareness for deployed forces


Detect and predict power outage, deploy smart energy management systems and offer real-time customer billing

Public Sector

Leverage data to discover new demographic trends, improve public services efficiency and regulatory compliance