CCI Normandie

CCI Normandie is the regional division of the French Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It provides services to 110,000 companies in Normandy and helps 12,000 entrepreneurs each year to launch their business.
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Business intelligence


To improve performance and introduce new services, CCI Normandie wanted to get a better understanding of its market. It faced several challenges in doing so:

Scattered data

CCI Normandie is composed of five territorial branches which were all collecting their own data. Data wasn’t contextualized and aggregating it was crucial to gaining a comprehensive picture of its customer and product performance.

Lack of data expertise

CCI Normandie has strong business expertise but the absence of data engineers or scientists meant laying the groundwork for its data portal was complicated. CCI Normandie sought support from outside the company to fully delve into its data and build KPIs.

Need for better customer knowledge

As part of a broader shift in the CCI Normandie’s business model, it wanted to know its customers better by harnessing data and kickstart digital transformation.


Saagie has provided CCI Normandie its DataOps Platform to help process its business data.

Centralized data

It is collected from various data sources (CRM system, CCI Business website, open data, etc.) and stored inside a single data lake based on HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). It is then shared across territorial branches through a data portal allowing agents to use data in their decision-making processes.

Multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team was formed to build an interactive dashboard displaying various KPIs. Based on Kibana, it shows which products generate the most revenue, from which target customer and in which locations. In this way, CCI Normandie has a clearer understanding of its overall performance and can allocate its resources accordingly.

Modernized services

CCI Normandie is continuing to modernize its services to increase the value it delivers. Following this first Proof of Concept (POC) conducted over two and a half months, the aim is to further leverage data and use its deep knowledge of the local economy to offer new digital services to businesses.

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