The Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) is the French national organization ensuring the quality and safety of buildings. It also provides consultancy services to help players within the construction industry devise innovation strategies.




Real-time data processing, data visualization


CSTB had identified the need to build a data platform through which to process its business data but was facing several challenges:

Reliance on external consulting firms

Initial calls for tender led the CSTB to rely on external consulting firms which followed a traditional approach to project management (V model). As a result the proposals were not up to scratch: after over a year, results were not satisfactory and the whole process was very costly.

No data team or expertise to build a data platform

CSTB did not employ dedicated data scientists, engineers or analysts, nor did it have the expertise to build its own data platform. They required a solution enabling them to quickly launch projects while allowing its teams to develop their skills over time.

Siloed and inflexible legacy IT system

Its legacy IT system was siloed and inflexible, which represented a real barrier to innovation. This prevented CSTB from offering the kind of cross-department proposals required by its customers.


Saagie is at the core of CSTB’s digital transformation by providing the group with its DataOps platform to accelerate data projects.

Agile methodology

An Agile methodology was put in place throughout the project. This enabled CSTB to start working on their first data project immediately and replicate quickly. As a result, time-to-value was reduced to four months and spend was controlled.

Less technical complexity

Technical complexity was reduced. CSTB engineers were able to focus on their day-to-day where they deliver the most value, while gradually developing skills on data technologies.

Faster innovation

Initiatives were launched outside of the legacy IT system to innovate faster. A first conclusive proof of concept (POC) centering around real-time data processing during wind tunnel climatic simulations allowed CSTB to provide more value to customers by embedding actionable visuals in its testing reports of new buildings. Other teams now use Saagie to power their own business projects.

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