Saagie named by Gartner as a Representative Vendor for Orchestration in DataOps

Saagie helps Data Engineers achieve great things with company data

The Saagie DataOps Platform brings together the most popular technologies so you can deliver and run data projects quickly, easily and reliably.

Extract, prepare, process and visualize data while getting it to the teams that need it in a fraction of the usual time. And once it’s live, it won’t let you down.


Easy delivery

Get started right away with off-the-shelf frameworks and a pre-configured complex cluster.

Shorter time to market

Set up a proof-of-concept in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Reliable processes

Monitor and track projects to constantly improve performance and security.

How our DataOps
platform works

Saagie provides a single point of entry to the vast—and sometimes dizzying—data technology ecosystem.

It’s the only platform on the market that lets you use a combination of technologies to build and manage every step of a data project, from data extraction to visualization.

It’s called a DataOps platform because it provides the missing link between your Data and Ops teams, enabling them to work seamlessly together throughout the project.


How Saagie helps
your organization

Saagie gives you the means to deliver any data project. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the infrastructure is set up to address a business case, it can be used again and again to tackle as many new cases as you need. 

According to the research firm Gartner, 80% of data projects never reach production stage. With Saagie, you can deliver your first project in a matter of weeks, and scale subsequent ones in just months.

On average, our customers address seven different cases simultaneously. Find out how these companies are transforming their organizations with Saagie.

Join our team!

We’re an ambitious company that aims to make every data project a success. We’ve been recognized by the French government’s French Tech initiative as one of the country’s 120 most promising young companies.

Our 90-plus team helps us live up to that goal on a daily basis. In return, we try to provide them with some of the best working conditions on the market.

In 2020 we received the Happy®AtWork and WorkAnywhere® accreditations from ChooseMyCompany, and we also signed the Parental Act initiative, which advocates for giving the second parent—regardless of gender—one month’s paid leave. Find out more about joining the Saagie team!

Saagie office in Paris
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