Saagie DataOps Platform to quickly deliver data projects

Recognized by Gartner, Saagie is the all-in-one workplace for your data teams. Designed for production and made to fit your needs, it is a collaborative environment to manage your entire data project lifecycle, from data extraction to vizualisation.

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A turnkey platform for all applications

Saagie allows you to manage all your data projects through a single interface. Assemble a multitude of ready-to-use, technologies orchestrated within advanced pipelines.

 Saagie Data Apps Manager’s add-on allows you to add, deploy and use docker applications within your projects to manage the entire data lifecycle, from extraction to visualization,  through development and delivery.

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A single interface for all your needs

Saagie allows you to quickly deploy your projects (predictive maintenance, attrition analysis, sales prediction, fraud detection, 360° customer vision, etc.) without having to set up and maintain a complex software layer that needs to evolve continuously. The platform offers:

A single pane of glass for all your teams

Saagie empowers your teams with a collaborative environment that both meet data teams need for agility and IT Department security requirements, while providing Business teams with quick and actionable insights:

A proven ROI few weeks
in a few weeks

Start immediatly

Easily take the platform in hand and make it yours: it is managed to reduce operations, but modular to fit your IS

Accelerate time-to-value

Deploy your first use case in production in 10 weeks vs 9 months with a homemade technological stack

Address 3 times more use cases

Each of our customers deploys an average of seven use cases in parallel using our platform

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