Saagie, the DataOps Platform to quickly deliver your data & AI projects

Saagie, a Gartner-recognized leader, powers the DataOps revolution! Our platform brings all your data projects under one roof with seamless orchestration. Unlock the full potential with ready-to-use technologies, advanced pipelines, and a game-changing Docker app add-on. Supercharge your data management today !

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A turnkey platform for all uses

Unleash the power of data management with Saagie ! Our comprehensive interface empowers you to take charge of your data and AI projects. Effortlessly integrate a wide range of ready-to-use technologies, skillfully orchestrated within advanced pipelines .
Take it to the next level with Saagie Data Apps Manager. Add, deploy, and leverage Docker applications to master the entire data lifecycle—from extraction to visualization,  development to delivery. Experience end-to-end data excellence like never before!

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A single interface for all your needs

Accelerate your project deployment with Saagie! Say goodbye to complex software configuration and constant maintenance. With Saagie, you can swiftly deploy a wide range of projects—predictive maintenance, attrition analysis, sales prediction, fraud detection, 360° customer vision, and more. Our platform offers:

A single pane of glass for all your teams

Unlock the full potential of your teams with Saagie! We provide a collaborative environment that meets the agility needs of data teams and the security requirements of IT departments. Simultaneously, we empower business teams with rapid access to actionable insights. With Saagie, everyone wins!

A proven ROI
in just a few weeks

Start immediately

Own the platform effortlessly: reduce operations, customize it !

Accelerate time-to-value

Get your first use case up and running in just 10 weeks, not 9 months with an in-house stack.

Triple the number of use cases

On average, our customers deploy more than seven use cases in parallel with our platform. Join the trend and unlock the potential of simultaneous deployment of multiple use cases

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