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How many Twitter followers do the sellers have?
What is the sales revenue breakdown per seller?
Give me the evolution of sales over the last 6 months.

What is Saagie ?

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Secure :
Saagie Appliance

The ready-to-use Big Data box !

Secure your data in your own data center with the power of the cloud.

Up to 42 To of storage, 1.2 To RAM and functions of Deep Learning and HPC

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Industrialize :
Saagie Data Fabric

Saagie Data Fabric is and end-to- end platform including the last versions of all Big Data technologies. It is an assembly line to store, process, analyze data and develop innovative business-focused applications.

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Organize :
Saagie Data Governance

Don’t let your data lake become a « data swamp » !

Once you deploy your data lake in the Cloud or in the Saagie appliance, make it clear and accessible to all your contributors who can also focus on decision making and business issues.

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Share :
Saagie 4 Excel

Excel is the most popular processing and visualization tool, widely used by business collaborators.

With Saagie 4 Excel, it becomes easy to crawl your data lake, export and synchronize your data with your daily tool !

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Interact :
Saagie Bot

Any questions ? Ask Saagie

Navigate in your clean and classified data lake with a conversational bot.

You don’t need to be a SQL master anymore !

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