Saagie Data Fabric

Orchestrate analytics projects seamlessly

What is a Data Fabric?

A Data Fabric is a comprehensive solution that orchestrates big data technologies to automate and deploy AI business applications at scale

Accelerate business value creation

Speed up the delivery of data projects with the best pre-packaged open-source and commercial technologies

Thanks to its turnkey platform, Saagie helped us to be ready from day one. By focusing on our algorithms instead of managing infrastructure, we achieved tangible results within a few months.

Stéphanie Ginestet
Deputy CEO, Matmut OS2I

Successfully operationalize analytics

Create and deploy data pipelines and analytics models into production while respecting security and compliance requirements

We finally found a solution to gain value from all our Data Lab experiments. Most of our POCs have reached production without complications.

Fouad Chehady
Board Member, Caisse d’Epargne

Tear down silos

Align people from IT, Data and Business by ensuring secure teamwork on data projects

The Saagie product is unique because it unites differents teams such as IT Ops, data, development and business – that use a variety of applications. It is now much easier for them to collaborate and achieve solid release processes and a much shorter time-to-value.

Barthélémy Longueville
CDO, Vallourec

Deploy your analytics projects with agility

A single environment for all your use cases, regardless of the infrastructure

We chose Saagie because it gathers the largest range of open-source technologies and can support hybrid deployments with both cloud and on-premise.

Valérie Perhirin
Head of Big data & Artificial intelligence, Capgemini – Insights and Data

They trust us

Customers - BNP Paribas Cardif

Mapping of customer living areas

From Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Customers - Matmut

Addressing multiple use cases in record times

Customers - Vallourec

Collaborative environment for distributed Data Labs

Customers - EDF

Customers invoice process automation

Customers - Bouygues Energies & Services

Predictive maintenance for Paris Airports


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