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with the best of breed data
and analytics technologies

Make data intelligence available to everyone!

scale Scale

Operationalize your data science projects in the most secure and standardized way with our technology agnostic platform. And, like our customers, deploy big data into production on a large scale.

Saagie Data Fabric An assembly line with the best open-source analytics frameworks.
Saagie Data Governance The ultimate governance tool to classify your trusted data.

empower Empower

Get the full control of your own data! Our big data solutions enable our customers to reclaim ownership of their information. Share trusted data directly with ALL your stakeholders.

BI tools & Smart Apps Applications for business users and connectors to standard business intelligence solutions.

accelerate Accelerate

Reduce the time spent on big data implementation from months to one day only, thanks to our ready-to-deploy platform and quickly make the most of your data.

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why Why Saagie?

A turnkey platform

Everything is managed, no more "plumbing".

Highly versatile

Saagie offers customizable solutions that fit every business.

Accessible to all

Saagie bot enables your whole organization to access, organize and visualize your data without any SQLknowledge.

With the latest technologies

Saagie keeps up-to-date on the latest technologies releases and continuously implement them in the platform.

User focused

Our Products teams are customer-centered, your feedback is very valuable and helps us to constantly improve our solutions.

And independent

No Technology lock-in, Saagie provides Open Platform Solutions.

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