Embed Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

with the best of breed data
and analytics technologies

accelerate Scale fast

Reduce the time spent on big data implementation by operationalizing your data science projects at a large scale.

secure Secure

Share trusted data with ALL your stakeholders and get the full control of your own data!

empower Empower

Make the difference by leveraging from AI to design business applications that matter for your organization.

why Why Saagie?

A turnkey platform

Everything is managed, no more "plumbing".

With the latest technologies

Saagie keeps up-to-date on the latest technologies releases and continuously implement them in the platform.

Accessible to all

Saagie enables your whole organization to access, organize and visualize trusted and qualified data in the most simple way.

And independent

No Technology lock-in, Saagie provides Open-source technologies.

Build & Run Predictive Applications in record times!
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