Accelerate Analytics Projects delivery with Saagie DataOps Orchestration

Saagie provides a hybrid cloud orchestrator to enable organizations to manage an ever-changing ecosystem of data processes, technologies, and infrastructures. Empower distributed IT and Data teams to deliver fast and continuous business value.

Accelerate Analytics Projects delivery with Saagie DataOps Orchestration
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Leverage DataOps with Saagie Orchestrator

Saagie orchestrates the best-in-class open source and commercial data technologies to accelerate project delivery. Enter an agile and collaborative environment that will fit your Data Lab and IT requirements while helping your Business team deliver true value. Integrate analytical frameworks via Kubernetes and Docker containers and take advantage of hybrid deployment capabilities that will suit all enterprise IT architectures. Govern, automate and monitor the entire project lifecycle in a structured, secure and repeatable way to support continuous delivery.


Collaborate using DataOps

As departments often work in isolation, Data Analytic projects frequently cause friction and misalignment. Saagie unifies people, process and technology with a unique and collaborative environment so the main focus of stakeholders can be on delivering true business value. Embrace DataOps by automating analytics and machine learning workflows while unifying IT, Data and Business teams.

Reveal The True Business Value of Your Data

Saagie DataOps Orchestrator enables the deployment of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning applications at scale by saving time, effort and cost to set up and maintain a disparate technological stack. It leverages automated data pipelines to address data-driven use cases such as predictive maintenance, sales forecasting, churn prediction, fraud detection, customer intelligence.

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Scale for Any Industry

No matter the industry that your business serves, Saagie can scale to fit your needs. Mainly established in finance, insurance, defense, energy, and public sector, the DataOps Orchestrator is highly versatile and adapts to lots of ever-changing and growing markets. The solution can also fit healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and energy industries while operating in Europe and North America.

Deploy and Orchestrate Your Workflows in Multiple Environments

Saagie integrates the best-in-class data technologies to capitalize on existing assets and workflows and provides various deployment options on public and private clouds. All the data remain accessible in a private work environment with process control and project governance features along the way.

Why Choose Saagie DataOps Orchestrator?

Our mission is to unify people, process and technology enabling organizations to deliver projects from raw data to production in weeks.

Accelerate the time-to-market

No need to maintain a multi-frameworks stack nor to configure a complex cluster

Tackle multiple use cases in parallel

3 times more use cases addressed by data practioners with Saagie

Secure IT

Reduce technology lock-in by choosing your technologies and deployment options

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