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Open DataFabric

The fastest way to your AI applications

Smart Applications Platform

Embark on artificial intelligence in your production tool
with the best of Big Data technologies


Outstanding Time-to-Value

Accelerate the development and deployment of your smart business applications thanks to our ready-to-use AI platform.

Thanks to Saagie's turnkey and fully managed platform, we were able to be up and running from day one and to develop immediately applications including artificial intelligence, leading us to tangible results in record times.

Gilles Clouët des Pesruches
CDO, Matmut

The only Production-Ready platform

Put your AI-based business applications into production more easily. Innovate whilst staying compliant with your stability, security and resilience criteria.

The quick integration of Saagie’s Smart Data Platform into our infrastructure allowed us to start immediately our Big Data projects.

Fouad Chehady
Board Member, Caisse d’Epargne

Unique environment

Teams often work in silos when implementing a Big Data project. With Saagie, reconcile your data lab, IT department and business, and bring your teams together

Thanks to Saagie, we have been able to get all your data team (data scientists, developers, data engineers, business) working together on critical projects for our organization.

Barthélémy Longueville
CDO, Vallourec

Agile platform

Find out how Saagie helps you to revolutionize your business by leveraging the full potential of your data and integrating artifical intelligence into your applications

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