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Business Driven
Data Platform

Today is the right time for a change of paradigm.
Get rid of silos.
Saagie is an end-to-end data platform that unites People, Data and Technologies.
Re-invent your business with Saagie.

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Why Saagie?

Accelerate and secure digital transformation


Customers, correlations,
weak signals, causes,


Supply chain, processes,
market segments,
allocation of ressources...


Sales, inventory,
churn, product life cycle,

Caisse d'Epargne

It's a set of technologies that allows us to work on data all the way from extraction to storage and vizualisation.

Guillaume Cordelier,
Head of Innovation, Caisse d'Epargne Normandie (Bank)
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"Thanks to the Saagie platform, we are now fully exploiting our data."

Frédéric Viguié,
CEO, Didactic
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Budget Box

"A powerful data solution from day one!"

Pierre Lebel,
CEO, Budget Box
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Deploy on the Cloud

The creation of a dedicated Saagie Kumo instance on our Green Data Center or a selected Cloud service provider only takes minutes. Start uploading data and focus on business. Saagie scales to thousands of Terabytes.


Deploy in your data center

Saagie Su is an Appliance that plugs straight into your Data center, creating a ready-to-operate big data platform. A unique combination of hardware and software. The Saagie Su appliance is remotely managed to ensure it is always up to date.

Nourish yourself with data from the lake. Rise and fly with Saagie.
Reach the altitude and vision to reinvent your business.

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