The Data Apps Manager
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Unlock the full potential of your data with Saagie's Data Apps Manager. Discover a large selection of Docker apps that revolutionize how you interact with your data, from development and monitoring to visualization. Customize app installations to align with your production criteria and enjoy real-time monitoring through a dedicated interface. Elevate your data experience with Saagie's comprehensive Data Apps Manager!

A wide choice of apps to interact with your data

A wide choice of apps to interact with your data

Operate self-service applications

Leverage a catalog of pre-configured Docker apps to fit your needs:


Boost your productivity with Saagie’s integrated development environment (IDE). Access industry-leading tools like Visual Studio Code and popular data science notebooks such as RStudio, Jupyter, and Zeppelin. Unleash the full potential of your data projects effortlessly!


Bring your data to life with Saagie’s powerful visualization options. Explore dynamic visualizations using tools like Kibana, Grafana, Metabase, Dash, ShinyProxy, and Superset. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Saagie’s robust visualization capabilities!

Data worflow monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your data workflows with Saagie. Keep track of machine learning models with MLflow and monitor distributed processing with Spark History Server. Stay in control and gain valuable insights into your data operations with Saagie’s comprehensive workflow monitoring capabilities!

Database management apps

Efficiently manage your databases with Saagie’s database management apps. Explore powerful tools like OrientDB and CloudBeaver for seamless database administration. Simplify your data management tasks and streamline your database operations with Saagie’s comprehensive app offerings!

An ETL solution

Streamline your data integration and processing with Saagie’s ETL solution. Leverage the power of Apache NiFi for seamless data flow management. Simplify your ETL processes and drive efficiency with Saagie’s robust ETL capabilities!

Add any application on your own

Unlock customization possibilities with the Saagie Software Development Kit (SDK). Seamlessly integrate your own tailored Docker images and effortlessly install them into your projects. Take control of your data ecosystem and unleash the full potential of customization with Saagie's SDK!

Docker apps deployed in a few clicks

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Configure your applications to fit your needs

Customize your applications according to your specific needs with Saagie. Benefit from a wide range of options, including authentication settings for app access, external port exposure management, and flexible management of persistent storage capacities. Tailor your applications precisely to your requirements and achieve optimal performance with Saagie's versatile customization capabilities!

Manage your applications in production

Stay in control of your applications with Saagie's robust features. Track every modification with the native versioning system, providing one-click rollback option for effortless reverting. Monitor app status with incident alerts, access a comprehensive history of app starts and stops, and observe availability indicators over time. With Saagie, maintain a proactive approach to app management and ensure optimal performance!

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