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Our teams provide you with a secure environment on a fully managed cloud infrastructure. 

Before trying it out, we offer you a series of videos to understand the role of the platform and to discover its various features! 

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Demo center

Drive your data projects

Isolate your work in projects

Create your projects

Secure access to your projects

Run jobs with open source frameworks

Set up embedded jobs

Monitor execution of your embedded jobs

Natively version your embedded jobs

Launch tasks on external systems

Configure connection to external systems

Set up jobs to run on external systems

Monitor execution of your external jobs

Natively version your external jobs

of a research and consulting company

Excellent tools!

We had a real need for responsiveness. Businesses, regulations and the use of data had changed, but not our tools. That’s where the Saagie platform comes in!

Saagie was extremely well positioned to help us realize our vision. We relied on two strong cornerstones: new technologies and new ways of working, accessible through Saagie.

Orchestrate your data processing

Create pipelines

Monitor execution of your pipelines

Monitor the execution of your pipelines

Operate Docker applications

Install preconfigured Docker applications

Install custom Docker applications

Leverage a large selection of applications

Manage all your technologies

Manage your technologies

Add your own technologies