Saagie Cloud Services
fully managed, no operations

Saagie offers a fully managed SaaS offering hosted on Public Cloud by OVHCloud, GCP or AWS. Focus on creating business value by offloading the installation and maintenance of cost-efficient infrastructure. Saagie manages everything for you to enable you to deliver Analytics, AI and ML at any scale.

Scalability, to infinite and beyond

Public cloud allows your Data organizations to scale at a near infinite rate. As your business grows and data engineering or model training require more and more resources, you don’t need to acquire additional hardware or maintain a sprawling network.
Saagie DataOps Platform leverages Public Cloud infrastructures- As-A-Service to instantly add computing nodes as well as Object Storage or Data Mart capacity.

Kubernetes, made simpler

The Saagie DataOps Platform is built on top of Kubernetes. Kubernetes has autoscaling to efficiently use exactly the right amount of resources based on demand at given points in time. This makes the Saagie fully managed SaaS offering a real cost-efficient solution. Data engineers and scientists can monitor individual Kubernetes nodes in real time, while benefiting from the high availability provided by OVHCloud, GCP and AWS. In addition, due to its declarative nature, engineering teams are able to deploy and scale significantly faster with Kubernetes. Your data team can leverage our SDK to enrich Saagie’s Technology catalog by adding their own execution contexts through containers.

Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud, Cross Cloud

With its External Technologies capabilities, the Saagie DataOps Platform can process data wherever the data resides, even outside of Saagie’s highly secure cloud.
By calling APIs to external systems, it is possible, within the same pipeline, to sequence processes executed on our Kubernetes cluster, on your own private cloud subscription and even within your on premise infrastructure. No more data movement, you can control all of your processing via a single interface , while taking advantage of the technologies most suited to your uses from any cloud provider.

Private Cloud et On Premise

If you want to manage your own infrastructure, with your own teams, the Saagie DataOps Platform can easily be deployed on your private cloud as a self-managed platform with Kubernetes cloud stack accelerators of your chosen Cloud Service Providers. You can also deploy Saagie in your on-premise environments in the strict respect of Kubernetes requirements.

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