Saagie Cloud Services
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Unlock the power of Saagie's fully managed SaaS offering hosted on leading Public Cloud providers such as OVHCloud, Azure, GCP, and AWS. Shift your focus towards creating business value while Saagie takes care of installation and maintenance, ensuring a cost-efficient infrastructure. With Saagie, unleash the full potential of Analytics, AI, and ML at any scale, empowering you to deliver groundbreaking insights with ease!

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Scalability, to infinite and beyond

Experience limitless scalability with Saagie's DataOps Platform on the Public Cloud. As your business expands and data operations demand increased resources, there's no need to invest in additional hardware or manage complex networks. Saagie harnesses the power of Public Cloud infrastructures- As-A-Service , effortlessly adding computing nodes, object storage, and data mart capacity to meet your evolving needs. Scale your data organization to new heights with Saagie's seamless integration with the Public Cloud!

Kubernetes, made simpler

The foundation of the Saagie DataOps Platform lies in Kubernetes, a powerful technology that offers autoscaling capabilities to optimize resource usage based on real-time demand. This makes Saagie's fully managed SaaS offering a cost-efficient solution, ensuring you pay only for the resources you need. Data engineers and scientists can monitor individual Kubernetes nodes in real time, benefiting from the high availability provided by leading providers such as OVHCloud, GCP, and AWS. With its declarative nature, Kubernetes enables engineering teams to deploy and scale rapidly , accelerating time-to-value. Leveraging our SDK, your data team can enrich Saagie's Technology catalog by seamlessly integrating their own execution contexts through containerization.

Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud, Cross Cloud

With Saagie's External Technologies capabilities, the DataOps Platform empowers you to process data wherever it resides, even beyond Saagie's highly secure cloud.
By seamlessly calling APIs to external systems, you can seamlessly sequence processes within the same pipeline, whether executed on our Kubernetes cluster, your private cloud subscription, or even your on-premise infrastructure. Eliminate the need for data movement and regain control over your processing through a single interface , leveraging the technologies best suited to your needs from any cloud provider. Experience unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with Saagie!

Private Cloud et On Premise

If you prefer to manage your own infrastructure and work with your dedicated teams, the Saagie DataOps Platform offers the flexibility to be deployed on your private cloud. It serves as a self-managed , utilizing Kubernetes cloud stack accelerators provided by your chosen Cloud Service Providers. Additionally, Saagie can be seamlessly deployed in your on-premise environments, adhering to strict Kubernetes requirements. Empower your organization with the freedom to choose and control your infrastructure while leveraging the full potential of Saagie's DataOps capabilities.

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