The Data Service Orchestrator
to deploy your data processing jobs into production

Unleash the power of Saagie's Data Service Orchestrator! Centralize and secure your work with project-level isolation and structure. Explore a vast selection of pre-packaged open source, commercial, and cloud technologies, and easily add your own. Seamlessly build end-to-end data workflows using our advanced conditional and multi-branch pipelines. Automate deployment through CI/CD integration and harness the full potential with our API capabilities. Revolutionize your data operations with Saagie!

Centralized projects for better use cases management

Centralize and organize your works by project

Experience seamless collaboration with Saagie, the ultimate platform for data projects. Easily manage your use cases with a single, comprehensive view organized by projects. Say goodbye to scattered information and embrace streamlined collaboration with Saagie!"

Isolate and secure your project environments

Effortlessly create projects and assign team members based on their profiles. Fine-tune authorization levels, granting access rights to each project, editing permissions based on roles, and control module accessibility within the platform. Take control of your project management with Saagie's flexible and secure authorization configurations!

Select the technologies to use in your projects

Unlock a world of possibilities with Saagie's extensive range of market-leading technologies . Choose the perfect tools for your projects, tailored to address specific use cases. Leverage diverse execution contexts for each technology, empowering your teams to work with their preferred tools, skills, and requirements. Saagie puts the power of choice in your hands!

Technological freedom to adapt to all uses

Orchestrate best-of-breed open source frameworks

Unlock the power of open source frameworks like Python, Spark, R, or Bash with Saagie. Leverage multiple versions of these frameworks, meticulously maintained and updated by Saagie. What sets these frameworks apart is their unique ability to execute processing jobs directly on our dedicated Kubernetes cluster. Maximize performance and efficiency with Saagie's integrated frameworks!

Operate commercial ecosystem references

Unleash the power of cloud-native and commercial markets with Saagie's selection of external technologies. Tap into the capabilities of renowned providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and publishers like Dataiku. Seamlessly initiate data processing from external solutions within Saagie through connectors and API calls. Seamlessly integrate the best of both worlds with Saagie!"

Add technologies of your choice on your own

Empower your data ecosystem with the Saagie SDK . Seamlessly integrate your own open source technologies by uploading Docker images for each execution context. Enhance functionality by configuring connectors to external solutions, allowing for seamless integration of commercial frameworks. With Saagie's SDK, customization knows no bounds!

Advanced pipelines for data workflows orchestration

Simplify data processing jobs creation

Effortlessly run data processing jobs and automate their execution using flexible scheduling options. Embrace agile coding with native versioning and the ability to rollback  when needed. Take full control of resource consumption by setting minimum and maximum limits, while receiving real-time alerts for status changes. Log every execution instance and simplify debugging with comprehensive logs. Streamline your data processing with Saagie's powerful job management capabilities!

Orchestrate conditional and multi-branch pipelines

Easily create drag-and-drop pipelines by Assembling sequences of jobs, running them in parallel. Set conditions based on previous job status, runtime, or variable results. Schedule pipelines, configure alerts, version changes, and maintain a comprehensive execution history. Saagie empowers you to effortlessly orchestrate your data workflows with maximum control and efficiency!"

Automate the release of your projects

Take Control of the Saagie platform remotely using its robust public APIs. Launch executions seamlessly from external systems, enabling streamlined integration. Integrate Saagie into your CI/CD pipeline and effortlessly deploy jobs and pipelines into production. Empower your data operations with Saagie's API-driven flexibility and achieve seamless end-to-end automation!

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