The Data Service Orchestrator
to deploy your data processing jobs into production

Saagie’s Data Service Orchestrator enables you to centralize and structure your works by projects that are natively isolated and secured. You can then choose from a large selection of open source, commercial and cloud pre-packaged and integrated technologies and add your own if needed. Building your own end-to(end data workflows is natively facilitated by our conditional and multi-branch pipeline features. Their deployment can be automated through CI/CD integration and API capacities.

Centralized projects for better use cases management

Centralize and organize your works by project

Saagie is a platform designed to support collaboration between the different people involved in data projects. Users can manage their use casesthrough a single pane of glass, with an overview by projects.

Isolate and secure your project environments

Create projects and assign them members of your team according to their profile. Configure authorization level : access rights to each project, editing rights by role and access to modules of the platform.

Select the technologies to use in your projects

Choose from a wide selection of market-leading technologies to add to your projects based on the use case to be addressed. Take advantage of a multitude of execution contexts for each of yourtechnologies to better adapt to the preferences, skills and needs of your teams.

Technological freedom to adapt to all uses

Orchestrate best-of-breed open source frameworks

Tirez parti d’une sélection de frameworks open source such as Python, Spark, R or Bash, available to you in multiple versions, maintained and updated by Saagie. Those frameworks differ from external technologies as their processing jobs are directly executed on our own Kubernetes cluster.

Operate commercial ecosystem references

Leverage the best of cloud native and commercial markets through our selection of external technologies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure microservices or other publishers as Dataiku. Initiate data processing from external solutions in Saagie through connectors with API calls.

Add technologies of your choice on your own

Use the Saagie SDK in order to integrate your own open source technologies by uploading docker images for each execution context, and add commercial frameworks by configuring connectors to external solutions.

Advanced pipelines for data workflows orchestration

Simplify data processing jobs creation

Run data processing as jobs and automate their run through scheduling options. Code them in an agile way thanks to native versioning, with rollback possibilitiesControl their minimum and maximum resource consumption and get alerted when their status change. Log each execution instance and ease debugging with logs.

Orchestrate conditional and multi-branch pipelines

Assemble sequences of jobs into drag-and-drop pipelines to run them in parallel, with conditions based on the status of previous jobs, their runtime, or the result of a variable. Schedule them, set up alerts, version their changes and keep track of each execution.

Automate the release of your projects

Drive the Saagie platform remotely via its public APIs to launch executions from external systems. Integrate Saagie into your CI/CD chain and deploy your jobs and pipelines in production.

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