Blog & Articles

What is a Machine Learning Engineer? How to bring DevOps to Big Data? How does a POC work in a data & analytics project? What are distributed data labs? What is a Data Fabric? What prevents you data & analytics initiatives to be successful? Find all these answers and much more in our blog section!

White Papers

In this section, you can download the different white papers produced by our experts:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Bank and Insurance
  • GDPR
  • Churn Rate
  • Predictive Maintenance

User Documentation

Building data pipelines, orchestrating Big Data frameworks together, creating collaborative environments for your data & analytics projects, or documenting your different data sets, and much more, all this information is available in our user documentation!

API Documentation

Our API documentation provides all the necessary information to use Saagie Data Fabric in your continuous integration/deployment process.

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