the DataOps Platform to industrialize your use cases

The Saagie DataOps Platform is your go-to collaborative workspace for seamless end-to-end data project management. With powerful workflow orchestration and app provisioning, it unleashes the true potential of hybrid cloud infrastructure. Embrace the future of data management with Saagie and unlock unparalleled success!

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Empower your projects with Saagie software, leveraging a unified interface. Seamlessly harness the combined strength of open source, commercial, and cloud-native technologies. Drive your data ecosystem to new heights by orchestrating advanced pipelines and unlocking its full potential!

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Centralized projects for better use cases management

Supercharge your teams with Saagie's secure and collaborative work environments. Seamlessly create projects, assign users, and set permissions for seamless collaboration. Tailor your workflow by selecting technologies for each crucial step: extraction, preparation, processing, and modeling. It's time to embark on your data-driven success story!

Technological freedom to adapt to all uses

Discover an expansive technology catalog to fulfill your processing requirements, available for execution on either Saagie's cluster or your infrastructure. Access a curated and maintained repository of diverse technologies in various execution contexts, courtesy of Saagie. Extend your capabilities by creating custom repositories , effortlessly integrating data market technologies using Saagie's software development kit (SDK). Unleash the boundless potential of your data ecosystem!

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Advanced pipelines for data workflows orchestration

Effortlessly build data processing jobs using a wide range of technologies on Saagie's cluster or your infrastructure. Seamlessly orchestrate them with conditional and multi-branch pipelines. . Schedule and monitor job and pipeline execution with real-time logs and alerts, while preserving version history for each run. Integrate Saagie seamlessly into your CI/CD processes for automated deployments and execute runs via APIs. Streamline your data operations with Saagie's robust features!

Take control of your data lifecycle with Saagie’s Data Apps Manager add-on. Seamlessly add, deploy, and utilize Docker applications within your projects. Paired with the Data Service Orchestrator, it empowers you to manage the complete data journey, from exploration to visualization. Embrace end-to-end data excellence with Saagie!

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A wide choice of apps to interact with your data !

Unleash the full potential of your data with Saagie's extensive catalog of Docker pre-packages applications. Explore, analyze, model, and visualize your data using a range of tools including data science notebooks and visualization platforms. Expand your possibilities with features like machine learning model and Spark processing job monitoring. Customize your experience by adding your own Docker images and managing them within personalized repositories. Elevate your data journey with Saagie's comprehensive capabilities!

Docker apps deployed in a few clicks

Fastly launch Docker applications in your projects with user authorization management and the configuration and exposure of ports and persistent storage. Version each change and rollback to previous apps version if needed. Monitor their status and logs in real time and log each and every execution instance, with uptime and downtime stats. Monitor their status and logs in real time and log each and every execution instance, with uptime and downtime stats. ​

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Saagie Cloud Services :
a managed environment to free you from operations

Jumpstart your journey with a ready-to-use environment and deploy on AWS, OVHcloud, Azure or GCP, tailored to your preference. Powered by industry-leading container orchestration platform Kubernetes, our environment offers top-notch performance and resilience while seamlessly integrating with your existing IT infrastructure. Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed solution as our teams handle maintenance and updates, ensuring an operational infrastructure at all times.

Alternatively, you have the flexibility to install Saagie software on your own infrastructure, be it cloud or on-premises. With maintenance operations in your hands, you retain full control over your infrastructure, allowing for autonomy in operational management. The choice is yours with Saagie

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