the DataOps Platform to industrialize your use cases

The Saagie DataOps Platform is a collaborative workspace that enables end-to-end data project management by combining workflow orchestration and app provisioning across an hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Saagie software enables you to manage all your projects through a single interface. Leverage the best of the open source, commercial and cloud native worlds by mixing ready-to-use technologies and orchestrating data processing jobs within advanced pipelines. 

Centralized projects for better use cases management

Create projects, assign users, and set permissions for secure, isolated and collaborative work environments. Select the technologies of your choice for each step: extraction, preparation, processing and modeling.

Technological freedom to adapt to all uses

Access a catalog of technologies to perform your processing through jobs, executed on the Saagie’s cluster or on your own infrastructure. Within this catalog, take advantage of a repository of technologies in a multitude of execution contexts, made available and maintained by Saagie. Create your own repositories in order to add any technologies from the data market using Saagie’s software development kit (SDK).

Advanced pipelines for data workflows orchestration

Build data processing jobs using a large selection of technologies hosted on Saagie’s cluster or on your own infrastructure and orchestrate them through conditional and multi-branch pipelines. Schedule the execution of jobs and pipelines, monitor their run through logs and alerts, natively version runs and keep each and every run instance. Easily integrate Saagie to your CI/CD processes to automate deployments and execute runs through APIs.

The Saagie’s Data Apps Manager add-on allows you to add, deploy and use Docker applications within your projects. Associated with the Data Service Orchestrator, it enables you to manage the entire data lifecycle, from exploration to visualization.

Un large choix d’apps pour interagir avec vos données

Explore, analyze, modelize and visualize your data through a catalog of Docker pre-packaged pplications including data science notebooks and visualization tools. Open up to other uses such as machine learning model and Spark processing jobs monitoring. Add your own Docker images and manage them within personalized repositories.

Docker apps deployed in a few clicks

Fastly launch Docker applications in your projects with user authorization management and the configuration and exposure of ports and persistent storage. Version each change and rollback to previous apps version if needed. Monitor their status and logs in real time and log each and every execution instance, with uptime and downtime stats. Monitor their status and logs in real time and log each and every execution instance, with uptime and downtime stats.

Saagie Cloud Services :
a managed environment to free you from operations

Get started quickly with a turnkey environment and deploy on AWS or OVH according to your choice. Based on the highest standard of container orchestration, Kubernetes, the environment offers you performance and resilience while easily integrating with your IS. Fully managed, our teams take care of its maintenance and updates to ensure an operational infrastructure, at all times. 

Saagie software can also be installed on your own infrastructure, either cloud or on premise. Maintenance operations are at your charge, allowing you to keep full control over your infrastructure and autonomy in its operational management.

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