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BVA Group : a data platform for data analysis

BVA Group is a research and consulting institute specialized in behavioral sciences.

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Heavily dependent on data analysis to advise its clients, BVA Group needed a centralized data platform to rely on. The company was facing several challenges:

Digital revolution in the sector:

the need for acceleration

A business that has been fundamentally transformed over the last 15 years: evolution from simple surveys to an almost exponential volume of data (CRM, open data), transition from statistical analysis to machine learning, transition from Excel files to unstructured data, etc.

There was a real need to evolve to meet new demands.

Fragmented, non-replicable initiatives:

a barrier to innovation

Data initiatives were already being handled, but often in a fragmented and difficult to replicate way, by dispersed teams working on multiple tools. This slowed down the pace of innovation in the group.

Lack of Data Culture:

Manual Processes Limiting Transformation

A need to support the transformation of the group by building a data-driven culture based on agility, collaboration between business and data teams and the automation of many manual processes. 


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BVA Group has selected Saagie and its DataOps platform as the cornerstone of its behavioral data analysis offerings.

Pace of Innovation Accrued:

Velocity in Project Development

A great velocity gained in the development of projects, from experimentation to production (going into production in only 2 days on average), allowing the realization of multiple use cases in parallel.

Enhanced Agility:

Smooth Collaboration and Continuous Scalability

Thanks to The strong reduction in the dependence of data teams on IT teams (especially DevOps) for the selection and implementation of the tools used, Data team can start immediately and develop iteratively with the tools that best meet their needs.

Automating Work on a Single Tool :

Saagie, DataOps Platform

Centralizing all of BVA Group’s data initiatives in a single solution, allowing the group’s data experts to collaborate with the technologies of their choice, either pre-loaded by Saagie or added via a Technology Catalog, all orchestrated within monitored pipelines. 

Saagie is now at the heart of a data lab with multiple teams across France. 

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